How to import SCORE .bin files into Paraview?ΒΆ

By default, little endian is assumed. Then .raw files generated by SCORE can be imported readily into Paraview as shown in the following screenshots:

  1. Paraview is an open source visualization and analysis software (
  2. Load the corresponding raw-file with the Paraview binary RAW importer
  3. Interpret as little endian, unsigned int, extend 1, a cubic domain of size N x N x N cells is imported by [[0,N-1], [0,N-1], [0,N-1]
  4. Data origin is lower front left.
  5. When the structure is rendered as GrainID a simple thresholding of grains of possible.
  6. This applies as well for importing grain boundaries data.
  7. Inverse polefigure coloring encodes each cell as a combination of three 1B unsigned char (R,G,B).

Click to enlarge on the images! The example refers to a 200 x 200 x 200 structure.